NSFW SHOW has expired

This blog has expired , it has ceased to be.



Brian Brushwood is a magician who performs nationwide. He is the host and creator of NSFW along with co-host and right hand man Justin Robert Young whom he also does the Weird Things podcast, along with fellow magician Andrew Mayne. He is especially well-known for his display of bizarre magic. He is known to perform fire-eating, escapes, breaking a cinder block over his head, sticking nails in his eyes and nose, sticking needles through his palm, reading minds, and “The Human Crazy Straw”. He frequently releases podcasts and vlogs of himself on the road. He has performed on The Food Network, CNN and The Tonight Show, as well as performing special demonstrations at The University of Texas. Brian is a regular on the college circuit.


This blog has expired , it has ceased to be.






Justin Robert Young is the co-host of NSFW along with Brian Brushwood. A graduate of Syracuse University, Justin has worked at several major metropolitan daily newspapers including The South Florida Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and The Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has since written at the number one daily magic news site iTricks and is the host of three weekly podcasts and regular live chats featuring top names in the magic industry. In 2009 he served as an Associate Producer on the first season of G4 Underground. He also runs Weird Things with Matt Finley and magician Andrew Mayne, as well as the Weird Things Podcast with Brian and Mayne.

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