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Night Attack (Live)

NSFWshow's Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young continue their explicit Night Attack series in their first ever live album. Featuring the very best from DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta and Nerdtacular 2013 in Salt Lake City, prepare for Night Attack... LIVE!
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What people are saying

  • If you are looking for something that will make you laugh, then this is the album you are looking for.

    — Jason Clay
  • Warning: if you are easily offended this album will enable you.

    — Bill Meeks
  • I absolutely loved Brian and Justin's first album... From what I've heard, this promises to be at least 10x more hilarious.

    — Giggleloop
  • These guys do an amazing weekly comedy podcast, and when they get unchained for their comedy albums, vulgar hilarity ensues!

    — Bill Doran
  • Without even trying these two continue to effortlessly amuse.

    — ianlemmon
  • I laughed so hard that I dropped my spoons.

    — Old John Smokey
  • This album changed my life! not even kidding. Your life will be better too if you buy this and listen to it constantly.

    — Froggys Revenge
  • This album is hilarious.

    — Kronarq
  • I am writing this review from the grave because I literally laughed to death. Internet in the afterlife: confirmed.

    — risboombah108
  • This may be the most subtle, multi-layered and carefully worked piece of comedy you'll ever find.

    — Sam Cornn
  • If you like Black Water, you'll love Night Attack!

    — Kris
  • This album is worth buying just to find out what the T.I.B is.

    — K. Cleary
  • I am told that this is a funny album. I look forward to experiencing it someday.

    — Brian Brushwood

Previous Albums

Night Attack 2: Enjoy The Garden

In this sequel to 2011's hit comedy album, join Brian and Justin as they discuss the massage of a lifetime, saving lives, and whether or not it's okay to do certain activities around your friends.

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Night Attack

Brian and Justin invite you to their explicit, top-secret conversations that take place after NSFWshow. Culled from hours of recordings, prepare for tales in which Hitler grooves to the Mexican Hat Dance, pot smokers hijack a kindergartener and much more.

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